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Financial Planning

At Empowerment Fiduciary, we believe that the financial planning process should be a collaborative effort that creates individualized solutions.

Financial planning can involve a targeted scope or a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation including any or all of the five principal topics listed below.

Insurance/Risk Assessment

We review your current insurance coverages and help to identify any shortages or gaps. A detailed analysis of current cash flows and statement of financial position is also available.


We review your past tax filings and optimize a foundational plan moving forward, accounting for possible taxation changes and strategies.


We review your current retirement assets and create recommendations to improve the probability of success while mitigating unnecessary risks.


We review your current investments and adjust it to match your risk tolerance preferences. Planning for and adapting to a changing financial environment will keep you moving towards your financial goals.

Estate Planning

We review your current Estate Plan and verify that you have the must-have documents in place.